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Every year some 6,000 users search the Turbomachinery Handbook for thousands of products and services. Key buyers, with approved budgets, are in need of specific products and services. While some may have heard of you, many haven't. Don't take a chance. Capture their attention as soon as they log on with an animated banner ad on the Handbook Homepage and Search pages.

Handbook Pages (all Four) Location Dimensions / Pixels Max File Size Net rate Quarterly Pre-paid Net rate Yearly Pre-paid
Button Banner Left Panel 120 x 60 250 KB $250 $900
Full Banner Left Panel 120 x 90 250 KB $350 $1,200
1/2 Skyscraper Left Panel 180 x 150 350 KB $450 $1,500
Full Skyscraper Left Panel 180 x 300 350 KB $500 $1,800
Full Banner Center Footer 468 x 60 350 KB $600 $2,000

We accept static GIF, JPG, and PNG images as well as animated GIFs. We are not currently accepting any shockwave or flash-based animation files.


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