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Donaldson Company, Inc.

We create filtration systems to protect large turbines (up to 1.2 million cfm/2 million m3/h), small turbines, compressors, and micro-turbines. You can find our equipment in multiple applications, including Power Plants, Oil & Gas Delivery Systems, Refining & Processing Machinery, and Air Separation Plants, for both new and retrofit projects.

Company Information
Address 1400 West 94th Street
Bloomington, MN
55431 USA
Telephone 952-887-3131
Telephone (Toll Free) 800-431-0555
Fax 952-703-4712
Contact Name Paul Klick
Contact Title Sales Manager
Contact EMail
Categories Auxiliary Equipment: Intake Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems - Filters
Auxiliary Equipment: Turbine Cooling - Chilling Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Turbine Cooling - Media Based
Services: Field Service
Services: Inspection


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