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Elliott Group

Elliott Group designs and manufactures compressors, turbines, auxiliary systems, and cryogenic pumps & expanders for oil & gas, petrochemical, and other process and power applications. Elliott maintains a global service network, providing the full-spectrum of rotating equipment services including installation, maintenance, repairs, overhauls, parts, upgrades & modifications, and project management.

Company Information
Address 901 North Fourth St.
Jeannette, PA
15644 USA
Telephone 724-527-2811
Telephone (Toll Free) 800-635-2208
Fax 724-600-8442
Contact Name Christy Bash
Contact Title Communications Manager
Contact EMail
Categories Steam Turbines: Generator Sets - Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Electrical, Industrial
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Mechanical, Process
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Packagers
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines - Refurbished
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Axial
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Centrifugal
Compressors & Expanders: Expanders
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment - At- or High-Speed
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment - Low-Speed
Aftermarket: Blades
Aftermarket: Blades - Diaphragm Nozzle
Aftermarket: Blades - Testing
Aftermarket: Blades - Turbines
Aftermarket: Coatings
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Compressor Specialist
Aftermarket: Maintenance Programs
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Steam Turbine Specialist
Aftermarket: Nozzles - Turbine
Aftermarket: Operations & Maintenance
Aftermarket: Operations & Maint. - Cogeneration/Renewable Energy
Aftermarket: Operations & Maint. - Steam Turbines
Aftermarket: Parts - Steam Turbines
Aftermarket: Reapplication Services
Aftermarket: Repair - Accessories
Aftermarket: Repair - Bearings
Aftermarket: Repair - Blades
Aftermarket: Repair - Casings
Aftermarket: Repair - Pumps
Aftermarket: Repair - Rotors
Aftermarket: Repair - Vanes
Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul
Aftermarket: Rerates
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Analysis & Software: Failure Analysis
Analysis & Software: Finite Elements Analysis
Analysis & Software: Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Turbine Blade Stress Analysis
Analysis & Software: Vibration Analysis
Auxiliary Equipment: Bearings
Auxiliary Equipment: Compressor Washing Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Lubrication Systems
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Gas
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Mechanical
Auxiliary Equipment: Seals - Oil
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems - Retrofit
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation & Controls
Instrumentation & Control: Turbine Control Systems
Services: Field Service
Services: Installation
Services: Service for Turbines & Generators
Training & Education: Training


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