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Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides solutions to energy and industrial customers worldwide. Built on a century of experience and with operations in over 120 countries, our innovative technologies and services are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Our Turbomachinery & Process Solutions business is a premium partner for rotating equipment, process flow and transmission technologies, serving the entire energy and industrial sectors. Our mission is to advance the path to energy decarbonization, achieve LNG net-zero, accelerate the hydrogen revolutions and deliver solution to capture and process CO2.

Company Information
Address via Felice Matteucci, 2
50127 Italy
Telephone +39 055 423211
Contact Name Chiara Toniato
Contact Title External Affairs Leader
Contact EMail
Categories Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Aeroderivatives
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Combined Cycle
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Industrial
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Mechanical Drive
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Packagers
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Power Generation
Gas Turbines: Gas Turbines - Refurbished
Gas Turbines: Generator Sets - Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines
Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: Combined Cycle Plants
Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: Machinery for Cogeneration
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Axial
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Centrifugal
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Reciprocating
Compressors & Expanders: Expanders
Aftermarket: Blades
Aftermarket: Coatings
Aftermarket: Combustor Parts
Aftermarket: Maintenance - General
Aftermarket: Maintenance Programs
Aftermarket: Operations & Maintenance
Aftermarket: Parts - Gas Turbines
Aftermarket: Parts - Steam Turbines
Aftermarket: Parts - Suppliers
Aftermarket: Recovery Systems
Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul
Aftermarket: Total Plant Service
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Analysis & Software: Design & Analysis
Analysis & Software: Plant Design
Analysis & Software: Prognostics
Analysis & Software: Software & Engineering Programs
Analysis & Software: Testing
Analysis & Software: Vibration Analysis
Auxiliary Equipment: Bearings
Auxiliary Equipment: Gearboxes
Auxiliary Equipment: Heat Exchangers
Auxiliary Equipment: Transmissions
Auxiliary Equipment: Valves
Electric Equipment: Motors - Electric
Energy Resources: Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP)
Energy Resources: Power Plants
Energy Resources: Power Services
Instrumentation & Control: Condition Monitoring
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems & Governors
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems - Optimization
Instrumentation & Control: Control Systems - Retrofit
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation & Controls
Instrumentation & Control: Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
Instrumentation & Control: Sensors
Instrumentation & Control: Testing Equipment
Instrumentation & Control: Turbine Control Systems
Instrumentation & Control: Vibration Monitoring Equipment
Manufacturing: Impellers
Pumps: Pumps
Services: Asset Management Services
Services: Consulting Services
Services: Engineering Services
Services: Field Service
Services: Inspection
Services: Installation
Services: Plant Operation & Management
Services: Research & Development
Services: Service for Turbines & Generators
Training & Education: Training
Manufacturing: 3D Printing

Additional Offices
Baker Hughes
Turbomachinery & Process Solutions- North America Offices
4425 Westway Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77041
Houston TX 77041 USA

NovaLT™ Gas Turbines family
The NovaLT™ family of gas turbines minimizes total cost of ownership for 5-20 MW machines in power generation and mechanical drive applications—while delivering high efficiency and uptime for the entire operating lifecycle. Our NovaLT™ turbines can start-up and burn gas blends hydrogen.


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