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Petrotech, Inc.

Controls and instrumentation for turbomachinery and balance of plant systems.

Company Information
Address 151 Brookhollow Esplanade
New Orleans, LA
70123 USA
Telephone 504-620-6600
Fax 504-620-6601
Contact Name David Lavie
Contact Title Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Contact EMail
Categories Cogeneration & Combined Cycle: Cogeneration Systems
Renewable Energy: Hydro Turbines
Aftermarket: Upgrades
Analysis & Software: Software & Engineering Programs
Auxiliary Equipment: Combustion Monitoring
Instrumentation & Control: Instrumentation & Controls

Additional Offices
Petrotech, Inc.
7240 Brittmoore Rd. Ste. 115
Houston TX 77041-3200 USA
281-220-3070 (fax)
Petrotech (UK) Limited
Unit 3, Bunting Rd.
Bury St. Edmunds IP32 7BX UK
+44 (0)1284 630410
+44(0)1284 630409 (fax)


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