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PCE Deutschland GmbH

PCE Instruments develops, manufactures and sells high-quality test and measuring equipment, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Germany and several branches in Europe, Asia and the USA. Each branch has an online shop which can be found by clicking on the right country on In addition to the wide range of instruments for nearly any parameter such as borescopes, data loggers, flow meters and vibration meters, PCE Instruments also offers valuable services such as calibration and technical support by qualified technicians and engineers.

Company Information
Address Im Langel 26
59872 Germany
Telephone 00492903976990
Fax 004929039769929
Contact Name Stefanie Balkenhol
Contact Title Marketing assistant
Contact EMail
Categories Aftermarket: Borescopes
Instrumentation & Control: Data Loggers & Recorders
Instrumentation & Control: Flow Meters
Instrumentation & Control: Testing Equipment
Instrumentation & Control: Vibration Monitoring Equipment


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