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ETU i+D S.A. de C.V.

ETU specializes in centrifugal compressor and steam turbine repair, overhaul and component manufacturing services of mature lines from Elliott, D-R, Ingersoll and others. It also performs repair and overhaul of gas turbines of Solar brand (Saturn, Centaur and Taurus models), as well as gas compressors from C16 to C51 sizes, restaging and other services for these compressors. ETU carries out repair of wet and dry gas seals from all brands such as JC, EB, Flowserve and D-R. ETU provides sealing system conversions from wet to dry gas. Repair and maintenance of gas sealing support systems under API 617 and 692.

Company Information
Address Cuauhtémoc no. 3, Nave 4. Industrial San Pedrito Peñuelas
76148 Mexico
Telephone +521 5564222129
Telephone (Toll Free) +521 442 220 68 95
Contact Name Jorge Barragán Islas
Contact Title Head of Business Development and Commercialization
Contact EMail
Categories Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul


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