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Nord-Lock Group

Nord-Lock Group: Engineered bolting solutions to improve safety, reduce downtime and maximize turbomachinery availability. Tools and systems for all critical bolting: BOLTIGHT hydraulic bolting systems for turbine casings, valves, rotors, couplings, flanges and ancillary plants. SUPERBOLT mechanical bolt tensioners and tooling for turbine casings, valves, couplings, bearings, foundations and ancillary plant. NORD-LOCK wedge locking washers for combustors, inlets, valves etc. EXPANDER pin systems for blade rotors and Steam Valves. Engineering Services – Specialist FEA for critical bolting applications. Contact information: Phone: 561-306-0845 Email:

Company Information
Address 1200 Clifford Ball Dr.
Clinton, PA
15026 USA
Telephone 561-306-0845
Contact Name Jeremy Hersom
Contact Title Business Development - North America
Contact EMail
Categories Aftermarket: Operations & Maintenance
Auxiliary Equipment: Fasteners (Studs, Nuts, Bolts, etc.)
Services: Field Service


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