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Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch

Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch advances the industrial world with high-speed electrical motors and variable speed drives for better system efficiency – up to 20,000 rpm with power ranging from 300 kW–1.5 MW. Our proprietary solid rotor technology is now available also as standardized packages. With The Switch high-speed solid rotor motors you get rid of the gearbox, while allowing the application to reach higher speeds and unmatched energy efficiency. The structure of the motor is more compact and lighter in weight, requiring up to 50% less space than a conventional design. Without the gearbox, you can reach higher system efficiencies and save in maintenance costs. The stiff construction of the rotor offers unmatched stability and balance, providing exceptional rotating system reliability for all types of high-speed applications. In its simplest form, a solid rotor is purely a machined ferromagnetic steel bar. To increase performance, enhancements may be applied, such as slitting, adding a high conductive end ring or even including a rotor cage. The solid rotor construction provides high mechanical integrity and rigidity. Our high-speed drive system consists of solid rotor motors together with the latest The Switch variable frequency drive technology.

Company Information
Address Elimäenkatu 17–19
Helsinki, Uusimaa
00510 Finland
Telephone +358505545044
Contact Name Lisa Kettman-Kervinen
Contact Title Marketing Communications Specialist
Contact EMail
Categories Electric Equipment: Motors - Electric
Electric Equipment: Variable Frequency Drives


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