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OPTIMISTIC is a Portuguese company with a large experience in manufacturing different rotary equipment and ability to produce customized compressors, fans and blowers. We are also specialized in providing services to different industries, always striving for the use of high technology, and contributing to our customers success – “Hi-tech Rotary Equipment: Move to Success”.

Company Information
Address Campos Júnior Street, no. 11B ground floor
1070-306 Portugal
Telephone +351 215970088
Contact Name Marta Rebelo
Contact Title Marketing Manager
Contact EMail
Categories Compressors & Expanders: Compressors
Compressors & Expanders: Expanders
Aftermarket: Accessories
Analysis & Software: Design & Analysis
Analysis & Software: Testing
Auxiliary Equipment: Fans & Blowers
Energy Resources: Power Plants
Manufacturing: Manufacturers
Services: Service for Turbines & Generators
Training & Education: ASME Certification

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