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TUTCO SureHeat

TUTCO SureHeat Electric Specialty Flanged Inline (SFI) heaters are designed specifically for high-temperature air and inert gas applications. Proprietary SERPENTINE™ technology facilitates high watt density heating elements that are suspended with high temperature ceramic threaded rod creating a compact overall design. SFI heaters can be as much as 8-12X smaller than similar tubular designs or gas furnace heaters and require significantly less floor space. With a fast heat-up ramp time, SFI electric air heaters are cost-effective to operate. SFI heaters are accurate to +/-1°C. Each system is custom engineered for its application and includes customized control panels.

Company Information
Address 22 Industrial Dr.
Exeter, NH
03833 USA
Telephone 603-418-7662
Contact Name Jeff Myatt
Contact Title Marketing Manager
Contact EMail
Categories Auxiliary Equipment: Heaters
Environmental Services: Anti-Icing
Environmental Services: Ash Control
Environmental Services: Catalysts
Environmental Services: Emissions Reductions
Environmental Services: NOx Control
Environmental Services: SCR


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