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Regal Rexnord

At Regal Rexnord, we create a better tomorrow by energy-efficiently converting power into motion. Regal Rexnord now offers the broadest portfolio of high-performance disc, diaphragm, and gear couplings solutions for general purpose, ANSI, API-610, and API-671 applications in the turbomachinery and petrochemical industries. The combined synergy of the Ameridrives®, Bibby Turboflex®, Kop-Flex®, Euroflex™, Rexnord®, and TB Wood’s® brands provides our customers with increased global support of our complete portfolio of engineered and standard couplings and recertification services. This combined offering includes trusted and reliable products such as Ameriflex® and Kop-Flex High Performance diaphragm couplings, Turboflex Plus™, Kop-Flex and Euroflex high-performance disc couplings, Thomas®, Torsiflex® and Form-Flex® general purpose disc couplings. In addition, our Kop-Flex Powerlign® Torque Monitoring System provides a cost-effective method for understanding train performance and efficiency so you can make any necessary adjustments as part of a proactive maintenance plan.

Company Information
Address 111 W Michigan St.
Milwaukee, WI
53203 USA
Telephone 414-643-3000
Contact Name Brett Zelle
Contact Title Marketing Manager
Contact EMail
Categories Auxiliary Equipment: Couplings

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