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Howden is a global company that brings the innovators and developers of the world's most advanced compressor technologies together under one organizational structure. Building on a philosophy of continual research and development, and a thorough understanding of the applications and industries we serve, we have become an acknowledged leader in the science and engineering of compressors and related equipment, including centrifugal, reciprocating, screw, rotary blowers, steam turbines and turbo fans. In any sector, in every application where reliable, round the clock operation is paramount, Howden innovation and technology keeps the world's industries running.

Company Information
Address 900 West Mount St.
Connersville, IN
47331 USA
Telephone 765-827-9200
Telephone (Toll Free) 800-55-ROOTS
Fax 765-827-9317
Contact Name Sonja Johnson
Contact Title Marketing Administration
Contact EMail
Categories Steam Turbines: Steam Turbines
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Centrifugal
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Reciprocating
Compressors & Expanders: Compressors - Screw
Aftermarket: Alignment
Aftermarket: Balancing Equipment
Aftermarket: Maintenance - Compressor Specialist
Aftermarket: Maintenance - General
Aftermarket: Maintenance Programs
Aftermarket: Operations & Maintenance
Aftermarket: Parts - Manufacturers
Aftermarket: Repair & Overhaul
Analysis & Software: Software & Engineering Programs
Analysis & Software: Testing
Analysis & Software: Vibration Analysis
Auxiliary Equipment: Fans & Blowers
Energy Resources: Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP)
Energy Resources: Power Plants - Biomass
Energy Resources: Power Plants - Steam
Environmental Services: Wastewater Treatment
Services: Field Service

Additional Offices
Compressors / Aftermarket
7204 Harms Road
Houston TX 77041 USA
Compressors / Aftermarket
4654 W Junction Street
Springfield MO 65802 USA

Global leader in air and gas handling solutions | Since 1854

Roots rotary positive displacement blowers | Since 1854

World-leading efficient compressors and steam turbines

ExVel Turbo Fans
Specializing in Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR)


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